an online platform that allows its users to design their own living spaces               

The house of the future is flexible. Not in the terms from which modernism proposed spatial flexibility with the standardized free plan, but instead with a new understanding of the inhabitant, the program, the buildings, and the city. Our proposal arises from the need to accommodate different programs in cities that have already reached their maximum constructive density and where the use of these pre-existing structures must be rethought to create dynamic, diverse, and inclusive cities. WoWu is an online digital platform that allows its users to program their living space. It is a new way of understanding real estate development and of building and inhabiting our cities.

Location: Shanghai, China 
Program: Generative Design Software 
Project Team: Edgar Rodriguez, Alexis Ávila, José Juan Garay, Alejandro Márquez, Sofía Trueba, Diego Pulido, Alberto Vera, Luis Arístides Rodríguez, Jean Phillipe Ausina, José García, Cecilia Garay, Lauren Felix, Julia Villagomez
Model photos: Rodrigo Chapa
Status: Completed
Awards: First Prize in the NOVA Design Award
Exhibition: Utopía: De la ficción a lo factible. Arch Days 2018 Mexico City, Mexico
Year: 2018

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