Revolución 1107

a three-dimensional scaffolding designed to adapt to future expansions           

Revolución 1107 is a three-dimensional structural steel grid, two concrete slabs, and a core of services. Sliding glass walls and non-structural steel panels define the building’s spatial relations. This simple strategy answers the ambiguity and vagueness of the commission: a commercial building with a total floor area of 450 square

While this strategy results in the constructive and structural efficiency of the design, the nine-square grid also emphasizes the inherent efficacy of the plan as a tool to make subsequent design decisions. The simple subdivision of the grid allowed us to discover the design instead of creating it from scratch. In this project, the scheme served as the rule.

Location: Pachuca, Mexico
Program: Commercial Building
Project Team: Edgar Rodriguez, Alexis Ávila, José Juan
Garay, Rodolfo García (Structural engineering)
Photos: Miguel Tapia
Status: Built
Year: 2017

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