La Bienal de Venecia 23

an exhibition of 37 young architecture and design practices        

For the first edition, entitled The Architectural Plant, participants were invited to carry out an architectural intervention on a plant and to complement it with the plant’s plan (architectural drawing) and a short descriptive text of the piece.

The jury, constituted by the architects Fernanda Canales, Jimena Hogrebe, Max von Werz, and landscape architect Tonatiuh Martínez, reviewed the 37 proposals and selected the winner of the Golden Cat, along with a second and third place and three honorable mentions.

The exhibition was open from August 16 to 19 in Venecia 23, Colonia Juárez. Subsequently, the project moved to Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura, where it remained from August 21 to September 1, 2018.

Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Program: Exhibition
Project Team: Edgar Rodriguez, Alexis Ávila, José Juan
Garay, Mono Nom, Proyectos Ninguem, Luis Young, Ana
Nuño, Alberto Vera.
Graphic Design: Proyectos Ninguem
Photos: Dane Alonso and Luis Young
Year: 2018
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