Interiorized Outside

an infinite void garden in California City

Running across 70 percent of the territory of the United States, a reticular arrangement of invisible lines defines the striation of the American landscape. The Public Land Survey System is a series of rectangular surveys that had the initial objective to subdivide and describe the lands owned by the Federal government of the United States. Today, after 200 years of measuring, the grid has become a reality but not without a few modifications. Due to the curvature of the earth, it is geometrically impossible to preserve the strictness of the grid throughout the entire territory: The lines running parallel to the meridians tend to converge to the north. For this particular reason, adjustments that distort the geometry of some sections of the grid had to be applied.

This project is the physicalization at a territorial scale of the fluid and variable nature of a seemingly rigid concept like the grid. The geolocation of the four corners of a section determines the geometry of the curvature of the enclosure, inside the infinite reflection of a concave mirror depicts a smoothed-out landscape.

Location: California City, CA
Instructors: Sergio Lopez-Pineiro
Program: Landscape infrastructure
Project Team: Edgar Rodriguez
Year: 2019

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