a collapsible helmet using 3D-printed auxetic structures         

This project comprises the concept development, research study, and branding strategy for a collapsible helmet for urban commuters. The goal of the design was to introduce the geometrical properties of auxetic structures as the primary means of shock absorption, as well as a means to
make the first collapsible consumer-oriented helmet.

As part of an interdisciplinary team composed of engineers and designers, I participated in the development of the initial conceptual design, the production of prototypes, prototype photography, and graphic design/copywriting for the branding strategy.

Instructors: Jonathan Grinham (GSD), Joanna Aizenberg
(SEAS, Wyss Institute), James Weaver (Wyss Institute)
Program: Collapsible helmet
Project Team: Edgar Rodriguez, Meriç Arslanoglu, Michael Bell, Daniela Teran, Anna Vasileiou
Year: 2018

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