a smoothed-out surface of sand on the beach           

Humans make clearings to inhabit the forest, to allocate a piece of land for agriculture, to open roads. Once these clearings are abandoned, they disappear, trees eventually grow back.

The name of the piece is clearing (clear + ring). The piece is a machine and its action; Not the drawing itself. The machine is built from objects found on the beach:
1. A flag post.
2. A stretch of rope.
3. A wooden stick.

The function of the machine is to create a clearing on the sand. The piece is born from the questioning of three concepts that matter to the practice of architecture:
1. Space: The beach. The dunes of sand that reflect the passage of time, the tide of the sea and the walking of people.
2. Architectural thought: The logical structure that orders the components of a system. The machine and its operation.
3. Architectural form: The physical space affected by an architectural logic. The surface of smoothed sand.

Location: Punta Cometa, Oaxaca, Mexico
Program: Temporary Intervention
Project Team: Edgar Rodriguez
Status: Built
Year: 2017

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