Cartographies of Taste

a map that you can taste

This experiment questions the conventional modes in which cartographic information is represented. By expanding beyond the visual attributes of maps, can one still perceive factual information through other senses? Rather than mapping the concentration of activities on to a spatial location, the element of time is instead used to ground these activities. In our project we propose taste as the main channel of perception, where the 24-hour-clock is used to regulate the intervals in which data is collected. Different intensities of taste represent different concentrations of activity at that specific time of the day.

We invite you to combine different bottles of the same hour, in order to taste activities in time.

Location: Cambridge, MA
Instructors: Robert Pietrusko
Program: Mapping and Representation
Project Team: Edgar Rodriguez, Anna Goga, Peeraya Suphasidh
Year: 2019

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