A Quien Corresponda:

an open call to mail a piece of work

Aware of the scarcity of exhibition opportunities and spaces for design and architecture in Mexico, we extended an open invitation “to whom it may concern” for interested parties to showcase their work in an area of 0.0588 square meters (the area of a letter-size sheet of paper). The project offered the participants a physical space abroad at Kirkland Gallery, to question exclusivity as a tool for legitimizing creative disciplines.

The main objective of the project was to initiate a global nonhierarchical correspondence. Taking Mail Art as a direct reference, this exhibition encourages and fosters critical discourses within an international community of designers, while also highlighting the value of this encounter as an exchange of ideas in the process. “To Whom It May Concern:” transcends the barriers and limitations of language, ideology, context, religion, disciplines, access, and space.

Location: Kirkland Gallery, Cambridge, MA
Program: Exhibition
Project Team: Edgar Rodriguez, Inés Benitez
Year: 2019

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